ribbon scarves,handmade scarves,scarf,scarves, Puzzle Rings,Gold Puzzle Rings,womens scarves
1.8 x 1.8 Cube Matte Met Blue Green Iris - 10 Grams
1.8 x 1.8mm Matte Met Dark Bronze Cube Beads - 10 Grams
11/0 Antique Rose Gold Luster - 10 Grams
11/0 Aqua Opal
11/0 Beige Copper Line AB, 10 Grams
11/0 Bone Opague Seed Beads, 20 Grams
11/0 Delicas, Bronze Luster, 5 grams
11/0 Delicas, Spkl Blue-Lined Topaz, 5 Grams
11/0 Dk Bronze Metallic
11/0 Jet Black
11/0 Light Bronze Metallic - 10 Grams
11/0 Light Carnelian Seed Beads, 10 grams
11/0 Matte Green Turquoise - 20 Grams
11/0 Matte Hyacinth AB Seed Beads, 10 Grams
11/0 Matte Met Eggplant Iris - 10 grams
11/0 Matte Met Khaki Iris - 20 Grams
11/0 Matte Met Sage Green Luster - 10 Grams
11/0 Matte Metallic Dark Olive
11/0 Matte Metallic Tawny Gray - 10 Grams
11/0 Matte Patina Iris
11/0 Matte Rose AB
11/0 Matte Tr Dk Topaz AB, 10 Grams
11/0 Matte Tr Root Beer, 10 Grams
11/0 Matte Tr Smoky Amethyst
11/0 Matte Transparent Emerald AB - 20 Grams
11/0 Matte Transparent Teal AB - 20 Grams
11/0 Metallic Brown Iris Delicas, 5 Grams
11/0 Metallic Copper Iris, 5 grams
11/0 Metallic Dark Plum Iris, 20 Grams
11/0 Metallic Gold Iris Delicas, 5 Grams
11/0 Metallic Light Bronze Delicas - 5 Grams
11/0 Metallic Purple Iris - 10 Grams
11/0 Rose Bronze S/L Alabaster - 20 Grams
11/0 Salt and Pepper Seed Bead Mix - 20 Grams
11/0 Smoke Grey Tr Iris
11/0 Topaz Jet Lined
11/0 Tourmaline Mix
11/0 Tourmaline Mix - 20 Grams
12 x 7mm Amethyst/Peridot Leaf Beads - 25 pcs
12 x 7mm Green Turquoise Picasso Leaf Beads
12 x 8mm Purple Iris Butterfly Beads, Butterfly Beads (10 pcs)
13mm Green Iris Turtle Beads (10 pcs)
2 x 12 Twisted Montana Blue - 20 Grams
2 x 12mm Gold Antiqued Matte Chartreuse Twisted Bugles
2 x 12mm Matte Khaki Iris Bugle Beads
2 x 12mm Matte Met Khaki IrisTwisted Bugle Beads - 20 Grams
2 x 12mm Twisted Amethyst Bugle Beads - 20 Grams
2 x 12mm Twisted Antiqued Matte Black Bugle Beads - 20 Grams
2 x 12mm Twisted Antiqued Matte Topaz Bugle Beads - 20 Grams
2 x 6 Matte Black Bugle Beads - 20 Grams
2 x 6mm Matte Met Sage Luster Bugle Beads - 10 Grams
2 x 6mm Metallic Brown Iris Bugle Beads - 10 Grams
2 x 6mm Metallic Gold Iris Bugle Beads - 10 Grams
2 x 6mm Metallic Green Iris Bugle Beads - 10 Grams
2x6mm Dark Plum Iris Bugle Beads - 20 Grams
3 x 3mm Matte Metallic Khaki Iris - 10 Grams
3 x 3mm Matte Metallic Patina Iris Cube Beads - 10 Grams
3 x 3mm Transparent Teal AB Cube Beads - 20 Grams
3mm Copper Iris - 50 beads
3mm Copper Topaz Lined - 100 beads
3mm Round Fire Polish Beads
4mm Azuro Multi - 50 beads
4mm Crystal AB - 50 Beads
4mm Jet Black Fire Polish Beads - 50 pcs
4mm Purple Iris Fire Polished Beads - 50 pcs
4mm Round Fire Polish Beads
4mm Round Green Iris Fire Polished Beads (50 pcs)
4mm Round Lt. Amethyst AB - 50 pcs
4NX - Men's 4 Band Puzzle Ring
6 Band Puzzle Wedding Band w/diamonds
6/0 Antique Bronze Mix
6/0 Aqua Scarabee
6/0 Black Fancy Mega Mix
6/0 Brushed Metallic Antique Silver
6/0 Brushed Metallic Chrome
6/0 Cobalt Matte AB
6/0 Crystal AB
6/0 Crystal Matte Gold AB
6/0 Dark Rose Matte AB
6/0 Dutch Gold
6/0 Green Iris
6/0 Light Topaz Matte AB
6/0 Lt. Topaz AB
6/0 Metallic Iris Multi
6/0 Natural Mix
6/0 New Jade Alabaster
6/0 Olive Mega Mix
6/0 Silver Lined Peacock
6/0 Square Gold Cube Beads
6/0 Square Silver Cube Beads
6/0 Teal AB
6/0 Topaz Mix
6/0 Travertine
6/0 Turquoise/Topaz Mix
6/0 Vibrant Purple Mega Mix
61N-M - Men's 6 Band Puzzle Ring
6B - Mens 6 Band Puzzle Ring
6BWNWB-M - Men's 6 Band Puzzle Wedding Band
6mm Capri Blue AB Fire Polish Beads, 25 pcs.
6mm Round Fire Polish Beads
6WA-M - Men's 6 Band Puzzle Ring
8/0 Antique Pink Mix
8/0 Carnelian
8/0 Crystal Alexandrite
8/0 Crystal/Black Mix
8/0 Matte Black
8/0 Matte Black AB
8/0 Matte Metallic Khaki Iris - 10 Grams
8/0 Matte Tr Dk Topaz AB
8/0 Metallic Gold Iris
8/0 Metallic Light Bronze - 10 Grams
8/0 Seafoam Mix
8/0 Silver Lined Crystal
8/0 Silver Lined Multi
8/0 Smoke Gray Copper Lined
8/0 Topaz Scarabee
A Quiet Evening - Thomas Kinkaide Thirstystone Coasters
Aluminum Bracelet Blank - 1" x 6"
Amazon Necklace
Amazon Ribbon Scarf
Americana - Thirstystone Coaster Set
Antique Copper Finish Earwires (3 pairs)
Aurora Necklace
Aurora Ribbon Scarf
Azalea Mixed Ribbon Scarf
Banded Swirled Coaster Set
Bead Caps, Cones
Beaded Bracelet, Black
Beaded Bracelets
Beaded earrings with glass drops
Beaded Earrings, Gold Iris
Beaded Earrings, Handmade Earrings
Beaded Earrings, Shell Earrings
Beaded Earrings,Sun Earrings
Beaded Earrings,with shell dangle
Beaded Matte Black Pendant
Beaded Purse
Beaded Raindrop Bracelet #1
Beaded Raindrop Bracelet #2
Beaded Raindrop Bracelet #3
Beaded Raindrop Bracelet #5
Beaded Raindrop Bracelet #6
Beaded Raindrop Bracelet #7
Beaded Raindrop Bracelet #8
Beaded Raindrops Bracelet #11
Beaded Raindrops Bracelet #4
Beaded Set #6
Beads and Findings
Beads, Miyuki Beads
Bear Stone Fragment Wall Decor
Black #2
Black #2 Necklace
Black #2 Ribbon Scarf
Black and White Earrings
Black Beaded Bracelet with Dangles
Black Beauty Mixed Ribbon Scarf
Black Plum
Black Plum #2 OUT OF STOCK
Black w/Silver BG-78S
Black Yarn Necklace
Blue Iris #2 Necklace
Blue Iris Bugle Beads #2
Blue Iris NEW!
Blue Lagoon Mixed Ribbon Scarf 64" NEW!
Blue Lagoon Scarflace NEW!
Bon bon Necklace
Bonbon Ribbon Scarf
Bottle Pendant with Citrine
Bottle Pendant with Garnets, Garnet Pendant
Bottle Pendant with Labradorite
Bottle Pendant with Lapis
Bottle Pendant with Peridot
Bottle Pendant with Rose Quartz
Bottle Pendant with Shells and Neck Chain
Bottle Pendant with Tiny Sea Shells - Aqua
Bottle Pendant with Turquoise
Bottle Pendants, Gemstone Bottle Pendants
Bracelet Blanks, Cuff Bracelet Blanks
Brass Disk Dangle Earrings
Brown/Topaz Chandelier Earrings
Bugle Beads
Burgundy Pearl Earrings
Caribbean Ribbon Scarf
Celtic Knot Earrings
Chandelier Earrings, BBE71
Chandelier Earrings, BBE72
Cinnabar - Thirstystone Coaster Set
Circular Oak Coaster Holder (coasters not included)
COLOR CHART for Ribbon Scarves and Necklaces
Colors of Faith Bracelet
Cone-shaped Beadcaps, Pewter Beadcaps (6 pcs)
Cremation Pendants, Cremation Jewelry, Urn Pendants
Cube Earrings #1
Cube Earrings #2
Cube Earrings #3
Czech Fire Polish Beads
Dagger earrings
Dagger earrings
Dagger Earrings
Debra's Show Schedule
Deep Sea Mixed Ribbon Scarf
Deep Sea Scarflace NEW!
Deer in the Wild - Set of 4 Thirstone Coasters
Denim Blue Necklace
Denim Ribbon Scarf
Denim Woods
Denim Woods #2
Denim Woods #2 Necklace
Diamond-shaped Goldtone Pewter Toggles, 2 Toggle Sets
Diffuser Pendants, Perfume Pendants, Bottle Pendants
Egyptian Ankh Charm Bracelet
Embers Mixed Ribbon Scarf 64" NEW!
Emerald Necklace
Emerald Ribbon Scarf
Fashion Jewelry
Fleur de Lis - Thirstystone Coaster Set
Friendship Fairy FF04 - SUNNY
Friendship Fairy FF05 CHEERIE
Friendship Fairy FF07 - STARR
Friendship Fairy FF08 - BLESSING
Friendship Fairy FF11 - VELVET
Friendship Fairy FF19 DARLING
Friendship Fairy FF25 - NOVA
Friendship Fairy FF26 - DOVE
Friendship Fairy FF27 - AVA
Friendship Fairy FF28 LEEZA
Friendship Fairy FF33 MERCY
Friendship Fairy FF34 - ZOE
Friendship Fairy FF39 AURORA
Friendship Fairy FF43 - RAINBOW
Friendship Fairy FF48 - NIGHTENGALE
Fuchsia #2
Fuchsia #2 Necklace
Galaxy #2
Galaxy #2 Necklace
Galaxy Mixed Ribbon Scarf 64" NEW!
Galaxy Ribbon Scarf
Galaxy Scarflace
Garden Scarflace
Garnet BG-42
Glass Bottles with Corks - Pack of 12
Gold Iris Beaded Bracelet with Leaf Dangles
Gold Iris Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp
Gold Puzzle Wedding Bands, Diamond Puzzle Rings
Gold Puzzle Wedding Rings, Gold Wedding Bands
Gold-tone Pewter Bead Caps, 12 pcs.
Goldtone Fishhook Earwires - 6 pairs
Goldtone Pewter Toggles, 2 Sets
Goldtone Ring with Loops - Pack of 6
Grapes Thirstystone Coaster Set
Gray Earrings with Leaf
Gray Pearl Dangle Earrings
Gray Pearl Earrings with Glass Drops
Green and bronze beaded earrings
Green/Purple Chandelier Earrings
Heart-shaped Beads, Pewter Hearts, Pack of 12 pcs.
Heather #2 Necklace
Heather Necklace
Heather Ribbon Scarf
Hematite Beads
Hematite Beads, 4 x 6mm Rice Hematite Beads
Hematite Beads, 4mm Round Hematite Beads
Herb Garden #2
Herb Garden #2 Ribbon Scarf
Herb Garden Long Mixed Ribbon Scarf 64 inch
Herb Garden Scarflace NEW!
hex earrings with drops #1
Jasmine Necklace
Jewelry Findings
Jewels #2 Ribbon Scarf
Jewels #2 Necklace
Jewels #2 Ribbon Scarf
Jewels Necklace
Jewels Ribbon Scarf
Kelp Ribbon Scarf
Kokopelli - Thirstystone Coaster Set
Kokopelli Stone Fragment Wall Decor
Ladie's Puzzle Rings
Ladies 6 Band Puzzle Ring
Ladies Gold Chain Rings
Ladies Silver Rings
Ladies Silver Rings
lariat scarf
Manhatten #2 Necklace
Manhatten #2 Ribbon Scarf
Manua Loa Necklace
Matching Sets
Matte Bronze/Black Earrings
Matte Gray Chandelier Earrings
Matte Transparent Dark Emerald Bugle Beads - 10 Grams
Maui #2 Ribbon Scarf
Mauna Loa #2
Mauna Loa #2 Necklace
Mauna Loa #2 Ribbon Scarf
Mauna Loa NEW!
Meadow Scarflace
Melon #2
Melon #2 Ribbon Scarf
Melon Mixed Ribbon Scarf 64" NEW!
Melon Ribbon Scarf
Men's 6 Band Gold Puzzle Ring
Men's Puzzle Rings
Mink #2
Mink #2 Necklace
Mink Scarflace
Mohave Scarflace NEW!
Moonglow #2
Moonglow #2 Necklace
Moonglow #2 Ribbon Scarf
Moonglow Mixed Ribbon Scarf
Moonglow Scarflace
Multi Color Beaded Necklace and Earring Set
Necklaces and "Scarflaces"
Nevada Ribbon Scarf
Nevada Scarflace
Old World Palm - Thirstystone Coaster Set
Oval Pewter Beads, 12 pcs
Patina Chandelier Earrings
Peace Sign Charm, Pewter Peace Sign (6 pcs.)
Pearl and Drops Necklace and Bracelet Set
Pearl Heart Earrings
Pearls and Drops Set
Pendants and Charms
Petroglyph - Thirstystone Coasters Set
Pewter Bead Caps, Pewter Beadcaps (12 pcs.)
Pewter Beads
Pewter Beads, 12 pcs.
Pewter Celtic Knot Connector- 6 pcs
Pewter Cobalt Memorial Pendants, Cremation Necklaces
Pewter Connectors, 3 hole Connector (6 pcs)
Pewter Figurines - Fairies, Dragons
Picture Sanstone - Set of 4 Thirstystone Coasters
Pineapple Thirstystone Coaster Set
Pressed Beads
Provence #2
Provence #2 Necklace
Purple #2 NEW!
Purple NEW!
Rabbit Leaf Bail - Package of 12
Raindrop Earrings
Raindrop Earrings #2
Raindrops Bracelet #9
Ram Black Coaster Holder (coasters not included)
Ribbon Scarf, Black with Silver Metallic
Ribbon Scarves
Ribbon Scarves, Necklaces, Scarflaces
Ring Holders - 2 for $20.00
Ring Size Reducer
Sea Maiden #2
Seascape Necklace
Seashell #2 NEW!
Seashell #2 Ribbon Scarf
Seashell BG-64
Seashell Mixed Ribbon Scarf 64" NEW!
Sierra Long Mixed Ribbon Scarf 64"
Sierra Scarflace NEW!
Silver Puzzle Wedding Rings
Silver Puzzle Wedding Rings
Size 11/0 Seed Beads
Size 6/0 Seed Beads (4mm)
Size 8/0 Seed Beads (3mm)
Small Beaded Earrings
Small Black Earring with Stars
Small Green Beaded Earrings
Small Iris Green Earrings
Small Pewter Toggle Clasps - Package of 3 Sets
Small Pewter Toggle Clasps, 3 sets per pack
Small Pink Earrings
Smoke Gray AB - 50 pcs
Soaring Eagle - Thirstystone Coaster Set
Spiral Sun Coaster Set
Spring #2
Sterling Silver Earwires, Sterling Silver Earhooks
Sterling Silver Pet Paws Locket
Surgical Steel Fishhook Earwires - 6 pairs
Teal #2 Necklace
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise Fabric Necklace
Tequila Sunrise Necklace
Tequila Sunrise Ribbon Scarf
Tequila Sunrise Ribbon Scarf
Thirstystone Coasters
Tigress #2
Tigress #2 Necklace
Tigress #2 Ribbon Scarf
Tigress Mixed Ribbon Scarf
Tigress Necklace
Tigress Ribbon Scarf
Tigress Scarflace NEW!
Timberland #2
Timberland #2 Necklace
Timberland Necklace
Timberland Ribbon Scarf
Toggle Clasps
Toscana #2
Toscana #2 Necklace
Toscana #2 Ribbon Scarf
Toscana Necklace
Toscana Ribbon Scarf NEW!
Tumbleweed Scarflace
Turquoise Necklace
Turquoise Ribbon Scarf
Twisted Bugle Beads
Upright Scroll - Dark Brown Coaster Holder (coasters not included)
Velvet Beaded Purse - (click twice on image to enlarge)
Viking Necklace
Viking Ribbon Scarf
Ways To Wear Ribbon Scarves
Wine Country Coaster Set
Wineberry Scarflace
Winged Jewel - Thirstystone Coaster Set
Woodland Mixed Ribbon Scarf 64"
Zebra #2
Zebra #2 Necklace
Zebra #2 Ribbon Scarf
Zebra Scarflace NEW!
Zen Mixed Ribbon Scarf
Zen Scarflace